ATTENTION ADVERTISEMENT! Dear entrepreneurs and businessmen!

The State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan invites you to take part in direct negotiations with a preliminary assessment of the possibilities of applicants and the best conditions for the State Partner within the framework of the project “Development and implementation of the automated information system “Ishonchli Hamkor” based on public-private partnership”

Legal basis: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 529 of August 19, 2021 “On measures to provide information about taxpayers to third parties”.

The ceiling for the cost of the private partner to ensure the implementation of the project: 7.2 billion sums (according to the calculations presented in the Project Appraisal Document).

Project launch date: 15 calendar days from the date of conclusion of the public-private partnership agreement with the Public Partner in accordance with the Schedule provided in the Project Appraisal Document.

Project duration: 5 years (in the future, the period can be extended according to the agreement between the Public and private partners).

The organizer of the collection and evaluation of proposals – BUSINESS-EMPIRE LLC.

The Concept and Evaluation Document of the Public-Private Partnership Project can be obtained from the Organizer.

Organizer’s email address:

Contact person of the Organizer: Esonaliev Jakhongir.

Tel. of the Organizer: (+998 99) 991-49-45

The project is financed at the expense of own and borrowed funds of the Participant chosen, following direct negotiations (hereinafter referred to as the Private Partner).

In the following cases participants are not allowed to participate in direct negotiations:

– being in the stage of reorganization, liquidation and bankruptcy at the time of application;

– having an overdue tax debt at the time of application;

– Financial sanctions have been imposed on the head of the legal entity over the past year;

– included in the register of “Top Offenders in the Tax Sphere” when checking through the website of public control in the tax sphere:;

– improperly fulfilling the assumed obligations under previously concluded contracts with the State Partner;

– being in a state of litigation or arbitration proceedings with the Public Partner.

To participate in direct negotiations, you must submit your proposal to the e-mail of the Organizer.

Deadline for submission of proposals: by 18:00 May 1, 2022.

Request form to express interest

Project concept

Proposals, prior to the start of the stages of direct negotiations, will be preliminary assessed in terms of the opportunities (potential for project implementation) of the Participants and the best conditions for the share of the State Partner by the Organizer and the State Partner (the Commission authorized by him or employees) in accordance with the requirements and procedure specified in the Instruction.

The terms of the stages of direct negotiations are set by the State Partner, about which the applicants are notified by the Organizer.

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