About us

About Us

PPP projects maintain a unified PPP policy in the Republic, assist and coordinate the process of project development, draft tender documents and PPP contracts. This portal is a transparent and centralized system designed to facilitate potential investors looking for high-quality PPP projects.

PPP projects cooperate with International Financial Institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation, the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank. The purpose of PPP projects is to increase the quality and attractiveness of projects, to ensure their stability, and to implement them efficiently and economically.

Reason No.1

PPPs encourage capital injection from the private sector.

Reason No.5

PPP forces the public sector to focus on results and benefits from the outset.

Reason No.3

PPP provides good value for money.

Reason No.7

PPP encourages innovation.

Reason No.2

PPP makes projects affordable.

Reason No.6

The quality of services in PPP should be maintained throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Reason No.4

In a PPP, each risk is allocated to the parties who can best manage or absorb it.

Reason No.8

The employees of PPP will help you in any situation.