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Why are you with us?

Implement socially significant projects in cooperation with the state

We cooperate with international financial institutions such as the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Finance Corporation, the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank.
Our goal is to increase the quality and attractiveness of projects, to ensure their stability, and to implement them efficiently and economically.

Procedure for implementation of public-private partnership projects

Initiating, developing and selecting a private partner for PPP projects

Determination of the procedure for initial assessment of PPP projects

Preparation of the concept of the PPP project

Keeping a report on the implementation of PPP projects

Keeping a register of PPP projects

“Implement projects of social importance in cooperation with the government”


Financing of PPP projects

Bank loans and preferential loans for public-private partnership projects, creation of favorable conditions, reimbursement of costs, tax, rent and other benefits.


High quality and complete tips

Our staff will provide you with full support and advice at every stage of the public-private partnership process, with all the necessary information and expert assistance.


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