The PPP Agency and the Korean Ministry of Infrastructure (MOLIT) agreed on the preparation of the Transport Master Plan 2030 of Uzbekistan

A meeting with the Korean delegation took place at the PPP Agency in order to discuss the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of PPP on december 17th.

From the Uzbek side, the leadership of the PPP Agency participated. The Korean side was represented by Director of the Infrastructure and Logistics Division of the Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation under the President of the Republic of Korea, Ji Dong Song, representatives of the Ministry of State Territories, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), Deputy Director for the Promotion of Overseas Construction, Lee Joo Dong, and Assistant Director Lee Doc Won.

The Korean side expressed its readiness for active cooperation in the field of PPP between the two countries and informed about the readiness to allocate grant funds for the preparation and implementation of PPP projects (feasibility studies, etc.). The Korean side also announced its readiness to allocate funds from KGIF (Korean Global Infrastructure Fund), KOIF (Korea Overseas Infrastructure Fund) and others, the purpose of which is to finance investment and PPP projects.

The Uzbek side noted that the Republic of Korea is the main economic partner in the Asia-Pacific Region and has extensive experience in implementing PPP projects. It was also proposed from the Uzbek side to sign a memorandum of cooperation between the Agency and MOLIT, and the participation of Korean institutions in the preparation of the 2030 transport master plan for the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The parties expressed their readiness to participate in further discussions in order to implement joint projects.

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