Thermal and solar power plants to be built on the basis of Navoiazot JSC for the chemical-technological cluster

Based on the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, in order to create an alternative energy supply system created on the basis of the chemical-technological cluster of Navoiazot JSC, solar power plants will be built.

The project is being implemented through foreign investment, without direct government guarantees, and will serve to provide reliable electricity and heat to chemical industry enterprises.

In November 2021, Uzkimyosanoat JSC, Electricite de France S.A. (France), Stone city InSolar B.V (Netherlands) and Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co.KG (Germany) signed an agreement, which specified the main conditions for the development and analysis of technical solutions for the project. Uzkimyosanoat JSC is the state partner of the project.

Uzkimyosanoat is expected to submit the project concept for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers by July 2022, and by August 1, it will prepare draft public-private partnership agreements and state support agreements with international consultants, the Agency, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance was instructed, together with Uzkimyosanoat, to ensure the signing of an agreement on state support for the project until September 1, 2022.

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