Information on the public-private partnership projects in the water management sector

Public-Private Partnership Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, together with the line ministries and departments in 2019-2021 worked a total of 265 PPP projects worth US$2.9 billion, of which the number of projects in the field of water management is 105.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 10, 2020 “On approval of the concept for the development of the water sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2030”, 5 projects in 2020, 25 projects by 2025 and 50 projects by 2030 to be implemented based on the principles of public-private partnership in the water management sector.

Besides, in order to accelerate the implementation of public-private partnership projects in the water management sector, the Cabinet of Ministers approved thr resolution dated April 10, 2021 “On measures to expand public-private partnership in the field of rational use of water resources and agricultural facilities”.

In 2021, a list of 100 water management projects was formed on the basis of public-private partnership through direct negotiations, as an exception.

In order to ensure the implementation of the tasks given, the
Public-Private Partnership Development Agency together with the Ministry of Water Resources signed PPP agreements on 8 projects in 2020 and 97 projects in 2021, a total of 105 projects which are included in the register of PPP projects. Their total cost amounted to 1 trillion 233.7 billion soums. All these projects are regulated in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on public-private partnership.

Besides, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 28, 2022 “On the Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026”, paragraph 147 of the State Program, it is planned to implement 52 projects in the water management sector. To date, project documentation has been developed for 10 projects, the concept has been approved for 20 projects, and the study for the project documentation is being developed for the rest of the projects.

It should be noted that PPP projects are long-term contracts. First of all, these projects will serve the rational use of water resources, attracting modern equipment and technologies to the industry, reducing the burden on the budget, improving land reclamation, introducing advanced management methods, increasing the use of water resources, and creating new jobs.

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