New airport complex opened in Samarkand

On 18 March 2022, a grand opening of the new terminal complex of the Samarkand International Airport took place.

The project for the construction of a new terminal worth more than US$83 million was implemented as part of the first public-private partnership agreement in the history of aviation in Uzbekistan between the FE LLC Air Maracanda and the state partner JSC Uzbekistan Airports. The construction work was carried out by Enter Engineering based on the architectural solution of the Turkish design and engineering company Kiklop.

The new airport complex was built according to international standards, taking into account the requirements for servicing passengers with limited mobility. The terminal includes 29 check-in counters, 8 boarding gates, 4 airstairs, 10 passport control booths and 6 E-gates for departing passengers, as well as 15 passport control booths for arriving passengers.

The new terminal allows to increase the number of scheduled flights from 40 to 120 flights per week, and the modernization of the apron has increased the number of aircraft parking spaces to 24.

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