It is planned to build a new toll tunnel at Kamchik pass

Tashkent-Andijan road is part of the project of PPP. Economic and social, including temporary snow-and-ice traffic on the Kamchik pass, show that this project is a priority. The project for the construction of a new tunnel at the Kamchik passage will be among the tasks of the World Bank’s consulting firms, with preliminary financial and technical calculations submitted by the end of February this year. According to consulting companies, the tunnel length can range from 19 to 30 kilometers depending on the height of the existing road. The tunnel design, technical parameters (including the ventilation system), and economic and commercial feasibility will be examined during the feasibility study (by October 2020). If the project is considered feasible, tender documents will be prepared (by April 2021) and a two-stage tendering process will last until March 2022. It is also planned to sign an agreement with the winner of the tender in March 2022.

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