It is planned to build a toll road Tashkent – Andijan

Uzbekistan may implement another toll road project The project on construction of the Tashkent – Andijan toll road is currently being prepared by the consulting companies (Pwc, Arup). These companies will submit their documents by the end of February. According to preliminary data, the project will be 350-360 km long. The 4-lane road construction project has high economic and social impact nationwide. The project is planned to be implemented in 3 stages (1. Kamchik tunnel, 2. Tashkent-Angren road, 3. Kokand-Andijan road). It is anticipated that the World Bank will sign the Project Implementation Agreement after the initial financial and technical calculations have been made. In addition, according to international standards, the pavement is cement or bitumen, its impact on traffic flow and adjacent facilities, and other important technical and economic issues are in the process of technical and economic calculations ( By October 2020). When the project is considered feasible, tender documents (by April 2021), tender procedures (until April 2022) and a public-private partnership agreement are expected to be signed with the winner in April 2022. Construction will continue until 2025-2026.

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