A conference was held for bidders in the framework of the Public-Private Partnership Project “Providing high-quality dialysis services to Uzbekistan”.

A conference for tenderers within the framework of the Public-Private Partnership Project “Providing high-quality dialysis services in Uzbekistan” was held today at Tashkent International Hotel. The conference is organized by the PPP Development Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Within the framework of the conference, pre-qualified companies for investors will discuss tender documentation, commercial, technical and legal aspects of the project, as well as the timing of the tender. Question and answer sessions are also provided. “Holding a conference of investors is an international practice and is extremely important for companies, as it provides an opportunity to understand the opinions and concerns of the Project on the part of investors, as well as receive comments on tender documentation for preparing a project that will be interesting for international investors and which will work for many years . The winning participant will finance, build or repair, equip, maintain and operate several dialysis centers in Uzbekistan, providing patients with dialysis services for the duration of the agreement – 10 years, ”said Golib Kholzhigitov, Director of the Public-Private Partnership Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic Uzbekistan

   Further stages of the tender include providing bidders with the opportunity to study the Tender Documentation including the PPP Agreement and provide their comments with the subsequent submission of technical and financial proposals: The bidder submitting the best financial proposal will be announced as the winner and sign the PPP agreement with the Ministry of Health.

This project is the second PPP project in Uzbekistan, and the first public-private PPP project implemented in Uzbekistan under the PPP Law, which was adopted in May 2019. The project is expected to help attract up to $ 10 million in direct private investment. As a result of the Project, more than 1,100 patients with end-stage renal failure, including children, will have access to dialysis services in accordance with international best practices.

Currently, six international operators are participating in the tender, including three companies that are among the five largest global dialysis investors in the world: companies from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey and India.

Проект реализуется при консультационной поддержке Международной финансовой корпорации (IFC), члена Группы Всемирного Банка, которая специализируется на содействии государственным органам в подготовке и реализации ГЧП проектов и имеет успешный опыт в реализации проектов ГЧП по всему миру.

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