PPPDA Stregthens cooperation with Korean public organization, KIND

On 12th, August, PPPDA under the Ministry of Finance held a videoconference with KIND(“Korea overseas Infrastructure&Urban Development Corporation). The meeting was attended by the Director of PPPDA and Deputy Minster of Finance, Golib Kholijigitov and Director of KIND Tashkent office, Kim Hui Bong. Senior officials participated in this meeting

They agreed to strengthen the comprehensive cooperation to promote PPP projects in Uzbekistan

Due to the Corona pandemic, they find it difficult that Korean investors meet PPPDA officials. In this regard, they reached to an agreement to organize cooperation video conference for presenting PPP projects to Korean investors. It will be helpful to promote PPP projects by attracting foreign investments

Golib Kholijigitov said that Uzbekistan economic environment was changing rapidly and there were many promising investment opportunities in various sectors(energy, transport, utilities and healthcare). he added PPPDA wanted to learn from Korean experiences

Kim said that he wanted Golib Kholijigitov to visit head office of KIND in Seoul when President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits Korea this year and KIND would make an every effort to support PPPDA’s activities and inform many Korean companies about PPP projects

The parties agreed to discuss regularly further cooperation plans for PPP

KIND is Korean public organization under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport In Korea and has four overseas branches. They have a lot of investments performances around the world. Tashkent office was established in May, 2019


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