IFC has provided new projects for the implementation of projects Public-health PPP

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, presented to the Government of Uzbekistan the results of a preliminary assessment of the possibilities of implementing a public-private partnership (PPP) program in the healthcare sector. It is known that PPP in the field of healthcare is one of the most popular areas for the development of PPP in the whole world. In Uzbekistan, such projects are at an initial stage, but their potential is obvious. The results of the IFC preliminary assessment show what opportunities such projects may be in demand in our country.

This study assessed the possibilities of implementing PPP projects in conjunction with medical institutions such as state laboratories, an X-ray network, a number of state hospitals, and a regional multifunctional medical center. The possibilities of introducing PPPs in such areas as oncology and medical insurance are also considered.

“We understand how important it is to attract business potential to expand the resource base that the state creates to solve the most important social problems. It is necessary to create the most favorable conditions for attracting additional financial resources, private investment in the health sector. The preliminary results presented today provide the basis for a database of projects promising for private investment, ”said Golib Kholzhigitov, Director of the Public-Private Partnership Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

To present the results to the government, an IFC team arrived in Uzbekistan, led by Ms. Karin Bashonji, a PPP project manager in healthcare in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. The presentation of the results of the analysis to identify possible new PPP projects in healthcare was followed by a review of potential projects, prioritization and discussion of the implementation plan for priority projects.

As Ms. Karin Bashonji noted, “Public-private partnerships are an effective mechanism for introducing innovative treatment practices, technological equipment of clinics, and improving the quality of medical care in the industry. A number of PPP initiatives are already underway in Uzbekistan, including in the field of healthcare. I note the IFC consultations on attracting private investors to finance, equip, service and operate dialysis centers in Uzbekistan. I’m sure that our analysis of potential projects will give a new impetus and will open up great prospects for the development of PPP projects in healthcare, which will make modern medical care more accessible for citizens of Uzbekistan. ”

   Analyzing potential PPP projects in the field of healthcare and medical technologies, IFC is resorting to the help of external highly specialized experts. In each case, the relevance of the project is determined, its description is given, the size of capital investments and the structure of payments are established. Potential financial impacts are also assessed to calculate the economic effect and risks; alternative initiatives are proposed and indicative dates from the start of the project are indicated.

Thus, in Uzbekistan, the state and the medical business are aiming for cooperation, which will bring benefits, first of all, for citizens, since as a result of such an interaction, the quality of medical services increases. The implementation of potential PPP projects will contribute to the emergence on the market of new medical organizations providing high-tech medical care.

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