The PPP Agency and the EBRD have trained more than 40 government agency specialists in the international program – APMG

The PPP Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance is implementing a systematic approach to the training of PPP specialists in accordance with international standards – APMG. This program is implemented with the assistance of the EBRD.
At the beginning of this year, 23 specialists of ministries and departments underwent training and successfully passed the international exam at the first level in accordance with APMG international standards.

The training program aims to create a high-quality potential for self-identification, development and implementation of PPP projects.

This program is recognized by all international financial institutions and investors, and this allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare and promote PPP projects.

In October of this year, the next, second group was trained and 20 people successfully passed the exam. In the whole country, there are now more than 40 specialists with international PPP certificates.

Everyone who has passed the first level exam will now have to study and pass the exams for the remaining second (in March 2020) and third (in May 2020) levels.

It should be noted that the Republic of Uzbekistan is the first country among the CIS countries to train international specialists at all three levels.
These specialists are already participating in PPP projects and in the development of regulatory documents.

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