Implementation of public-private partnership projects in the field of public utilities is accelerating

The new stage of development of the global economy calls for the solution of the economic crisis in the era of globalization, the creation of new jobs, the rational use of resources and, of course, the further development of socially important sectors. The most important prerequisite for economic growth is providing better services to the population and further improving the infrastructure of the region. The Public Private Partnership Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance cooperates with various ministries and agencies as the sole authority to promote PPP projects in all areas.

In particular, with the support of the Public Private Partnership Development Agency, together with the Tashkent city administration and the Asian Development Bank’s Country Director, Cynthia Malvichini, “Consulting Services on Long-Term Rental to sign the agreement “.

Within the framework of this Agreement, the Asian Development Bank will evaluate proposals from foreign companies as consultants to the Tashkent city administration on project agreements and proposals from foreign investors as required by the current Public Private Partnership Act. Assistance in signing a lease contract with the State Unitary Enterprise “Toshissiqquvvati” for the best foreign company. The main objective of the project is to modernize and reconstruct heating networks, attracting foreign investors in the public utilities sector in Tashkent, eliminate existing losses in the networks and introduce automated foreign information technologies in the industry. The aim is to prevent accidents through use and to apply modern management methods and processes in Tashkent heat supply.

It should be noted that this project is the third project of the Asian Development Bank in the public services sector in Uzbekistan. Currently, in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank, contracts for the management of water supply and sanitation systems in Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan and Karshi have been signed.

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