Public-private partnerships on the sphere of health care system

Innovation and rapid development of information sharing also urges the medical system to keep up-to-date and provide patients with the latest medical equipment.

Creation of hemodialysis centers in the republic with the support of the International Finance Corporation of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, Public Private Partnership (DCC) to attract domestic and foreign investments in the medical system of the Republic and increase the effectiveness of medical services. is implementing the project.

If this project is implemented successfully, many patients through this center will have access to international dialysis services. The tender phase of the project is currently underway. Specialists of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) conducted a training workshop with the Ministry of Health to develop the project on a comprehensive plan and develop the project concept. More than 10 major foreign investors have expressed interest in developing a hemodialysis clinic based on PPC. It is worth mentioning that the International Finance Corporation is the main consultant for this project.

In addition, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, an initiative of a local investor to design a sterilization service based on the PPP is being studied. Introduction of sterilization services in the country will help prevent many diseases that may be infected with equipment.

The Ministry of Health has received proposals on the implementation of the PPP-based oncology project in Uzbekistan. As we all know, the selection of PPP projects is based on tenders, and large companies from around the world who want to participate in the tender are interested in investment opportunities in Uzbekistan. In particular, the interest of large European companies in the implementation of the PPP project in the field of oncology. The IWPR agency and ministry experts are currently analyzing these and many other projects and are discussing what form of PPP is appropriate and its socio-economic benefits. Agency experts and ADB consultants have been thoroughly investigating each process.

In addition, some hospitals in the capital will soon be converted into PPPs with the participation of a local investor and the Ministry of Health. For example, there is a project, which is planned to become a post-stroke rehabilitation center. If the project is implemented, it will have access to rehabilitation services for about 200 patients at the center.

Specialists of the IAEA and the Ministry of Health are investigating the feasibility of the project to determine whether the project is compatible with the IWRM (DBRFOM – design, construction, reconstruction, financing, operation and management). Project implementation will be monitored on a regular basis by the contracting parties.

Work is underway on the proposed project for centralized laboratory services in three regions of the country. The Ministry of Health has already begun a thorough review of each project’s process with the IWPR for the implementation of this initiative.

In general, the healthcare system of Uzbekistan is planning to expand the scope of PPP-based projects. Of these, only those projects that serve the well-being of the population and are of high social importance are about to start their activities on the basis of PPP as soon as possible.

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