Open Meet up with entrepreneurs in the field of public-private partnership

A roundtable was held with the participation of local entrepreneurs and businessmen in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance on 2019 May 24, the Public Private Partnership Development Agency and the Chamber of Commerce. Specialists from the Public Private Partnership Development Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, businessmen and representatives of the private sector and media participated in the event.

The purpose of the event is to understand the essence of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Public-Private Partnership Law” signed by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on May 10. The new head of state is expected to report in 2019 on the decision of the Government of the Republic of April 2019 “On the mechanism of attraction of foreign direct investments into the economy and the implementation of measures to improve it”.

It is important to note that the existence of a legal basis for establishing public-private partnerships is important for our society and our economy. Except for the adoption of the law, it is necessary to make the necessary legal documents and to make the inventory of the system in this field. Thanks to the adoption of the law, the PPP has a legal basis for the industry, and it will certainly lead to the collapse of investor activity and confidence in the republic, and the attraction of financial and wasteful resources of the private sector. Particular Features of the Law: It is a straightforward document, which means that Uzbekistan needs to study the legal documents for the investor who wants to invest in the HSE. The law deals with the protection of investors – especially in the document there are separate articles on protection of private partners and creditors. The law focuses on freezing public services and public infrastructure that provide access to the public. The law provides for the rights and obligations of adults. The law provides a viable tender mechanism for small projects. The law defines projects through a private initiative.

It is planned that in April 2019 the government will launch 15 PPP projects in cooperation with the ministries and agencies. In particular, the Navoi region has built a $ 100 million 100 MW high-capacity photovoltaic station, costing $ 27 million worth of demolition and hemodialysis services; modernization projects (total cost of US $ 470 million). Thanks to these PPP projects, foreign or local investors will be involved in cooperation.

Entrepreneurs were informed in detail about the noise and hollow IDP projects. All the questions that concern business representatives have been answered in the most interesting way.

Advantages of ICS:

Attraction of private investments

The government is the commander of the poor quality

Projects get started right now

Project cost savings

Acceleration of infrastructure development

Attack of the government after the government launches the project

Innovation, foreign know-how and technology introduction

The skills of local specialists

Distribution of risks by a private partner

State budget cuts

Introduction of modern corporate liberation inventory

Damage resulting from the tender cost of leasing

For information: Public-Private Partnerships are long-term contractual agreements and bimonthly contracts designed to attract high-quality private investment as well as deliver good practices. However, the risks associated with the approved projects are distributed seamlessly, and the private partner is likely to bear the key risks and risks of its financing. Most importantly, the government has supported the government by hijacking its officials. In the public-private partnership projects, the state is reluctant to raise its own share of the private sector. In addition, the effectiveness of the voluntariness is clearly marked. Public-Private Partnerships in Traditional Forms – Built on Construction, Financing, Modernization, Operation and Service

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