A press conference was held on the topic “The role of public-private partnership projects in solving infrastructure problems”

On December 23 of this year, the Ministry of Finance held a press conference on the topic “The role of public-private partnership projects in solving infrastructure problems.” It was attended by Deputy Ministry of Finance Odilbek Isakov, director of the agency for the development of Public-Private Partnership, responsible persons participating in PPP projects, economists and media representatives.

As noted at the event, the agency for the development of public-private partnership under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, together with the responsible ministries and departments of the Republic, carried out work on a total of 437 public-private partnership projects worth more than $ 12.4 billion during 2019-2022.

In particular, 26 projects in the field of energy, 3 in the field of utilities, 48 in the field of Health, 157 in the field of water management, 71 in the field of Ecology, 80 in the field of Education, 13 in the field of craft industry, 31 in the field of Culture, 2 in the field of transport, tax and employment and labor From this:

  • 371 signed PPP agreement projects;
  • 51 projects at the last stage of signing the PPP agreement ;
  • 15 projects at the tender stage

In addition, in accordance with paragraph 105 of the state program approved by the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 28, 2022 PF-60 “on the development strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026”, it is planned to implement 154 public-private partnership projects on the basis of public–private partnerships with a value of almost $ 14 billion in energy, transport, health, education, ecology, Utilities, water In particular, 11 in the Energy Sector, 5 in the transport Sector, 3 in the utilities sector, 3 in the health sector, 6 in the education sector, 33 in the ecology Sector, 33 in the water sector and 60 in other social sectors.

During the press conference, the responsible provided information on the role, importance of these projects in solving infrastructure problems, the impact on the country’s economy.

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