On May 16, 2019, specialists from Public-private partnership development agency under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and World Bank experts held regular talk at the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan to establish public-private partnerships in the field of motor transport, in particular, on the construction of a toll highway Tashkent-Andijan. As was noted at the meeting, representatives of the World Bank on May 11-13 conducted primary research at the construction site of the Tashkent-Andijan toll road. During the study, representatives of the World Bank, the Ministry of Transport and PPP Development Agency stated that the route could be explored in three stages.

World Bank experts note that at the first stage it is worth exploring the Tashkent-Angren section, then Angren-Kamchik and finally, the road from the Kamchik pass to the Andijan region.

World Bank experts put forward three proposals for the construction of the Tashkent-Andijan highway based on PPP. The first is the construction of a short toll road along the Tashkent-Andijan highway, and the second is the modernization of the existing Tashkent-Andijan highway. The third is the construction of a toll line for trucks along the Tashkent-Andijan highway.

Representatives of the World Bank also proposed the construction of a new tunnel on the Kamchik pass. Its length will be 19 km, which creates a number of amenities for the movement of cars. In addition, the implementation of this project will provide a high level of safety on the road and significantly reduce the travel time for trucks.

According to the World Bank estimates, more than $ 20 million can go into the construction of 1 km tunnel. Toning calculations can be carried out only after a careful study of the geological location and height of the area under construction of the tunnel. Public-Private Partnership Development Agency, the Ministry of Transport and the World Bank will study and analyze the project more closely. This, in turn, will ensure its timely and successful implementation.

For reference: Today, the majority of road construction projects in countries such as the USA, Georgia, Singapore, France, Austria, Australia are based on PPP. In addition, 70% of toll roads in Europe are also built on public-private partnerships.