The APMG CP3P Foundation Level Training Program organized by IFC (International Finance Corporation) , a member of the World Bank Group, and PPP Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance is completed. Supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the learning program was delivered by PPP Experts ltd, a UK-based international PPP advisory and training provider.

The goal of the Program was to strengthen the capacity of state officials in the preparation and implementation of PPP projects.

APMG CP3P program of the trainings was developed by the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and other international development institutions. Participants who successfully pass all three levels of examinations will receive globally recognized certificate of a specialist in the field of PPPs – APMG CP3P.

The APMG-accredited course trainer Sergey Samolis said: “One of the key prerequisites for the successful implementation of PPP projects in Uzbekistan is continuous commitment of the country’s leadership to private investment in infrastructure. Considering the  determination of the Government of Uzbekistan to developing a sound PPP framework and creating a pipeline of pioneering PPP projects to be procured soon via competitive bidding, International Financial Institutions (IFIs) show considerable interest in opportunities in this country. To enable these opportunities, support of public sector capacity building is high on the IFIs’ agendas for Uzbekistan.”

The seminar participants obtained knowledge of the realities of PPPs, current trends in different countries, especially, in those close to Uzbekistan – Turkey, Russia, and Kazakhstan among them. Many recent PPP projects were considered as case studies including the ones with the participation of IFIs.

22 specialists from nine ministries and agencies passed the Foundation level exam, being the first of three exams required for the CP3P credential award, and all of them scored above pass level. The 100% success rate of candidates from Uzbekistan is particularly impressive, given that this was the first time the CP3P training and exam were delivered in Russian language.

It is important that there are more specialists who understand the intricacies of PPPs. This is especially true for Uzbekistan, where the development of such a mechanism is just beginning; this was mentioned by the representatives of the ministries.

“According to Zafar Khashimov, IFC Country Officer for Uzbekistan: “The APMG CP3P Foundation Level exam was just part of intensive trainings delivered by IFC in the past two months in cooperation with the PPP Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance and supported by the SECO. The other knowledge sharing events were in the format of round tables related to PPPs in health, energy, and transport (airports and roads) sectors, as well as a training on PPPs for media. IFC will continue with providing the next level APMG CP3P training for officials in Uzbekistan who passed the Foundation Level exam.”